About Us

What was just once a dream for Remo Ferri, President of R.Ferri Automotive, has evolved through its 48 year history to become the premier full-service automotive group with the passion to deliver the ultimate in sales, customer service, and employee satisfaction.

As a boy growing up in rural Italy, Remo was obsessed with cars that blended speed and sophistication. That passion led him to find early success as an apprentice at the mecca of automotive excellence: The Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy. From there, he immigrated to Canada in 1967 and not even 10 years later was able to open his own dealership under the umbrella of “Maranello Motors Ltd” in 1976.

Remo set out to represent Ferrari, becoming the 1st authorized dealer in Canada and today is one of the top Ferrari dealers worldwide. That was only the beginning of his passions. Over the years, Remo worked with Canada’s most prestigious automotive partners and expanded his roster to include 11 locations and 9 brands.

This guiding passion and vision to provide the ultimate experience for its customers and employees, remains central as the brand begins its new era as R. Ferri Automotive. Taking inspiration from the Ferri family crest, this emblem is a testament to how success comes from following your passion – wherever it may lead.

Join us as we continue our story.” – signature